Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hot Springs

Hot Springs are from Montreal and are adored by Anglophones and Francophones alike. For the non-Canadians out there: this doesn't happen very often. Their first full length album, Volcano, was released yesterday and the band describes it as follows: "The album dishes out a combo of perfect pop that sinks its fangs in, rock that doesn’t stoop to knuckle draggers, ballads that are fluff free, throws a flurry of psychedelia into the mix (guaranteed to leave marks) and, yes – you can even dance to it."

First single 'Headrush' is explosive stuff indeed, and incredibly hook-laden. Try to listen to it just once, I dare ya. 'Cellophane' is similarly edgy. Other tracks ('Annimystique', 'Fog and the Horn') are gentler, but equally compelling. Throughout the album, lead singer Giselle Webber's vocals traverse the spectrum from Beth Ditto to Emily Haines while retaining a style all her own. All signs point to Volcano receiving plenty of listening time; it certainly deserves it.

Hot Springs are rumoured to have an incendiary live show; those of you in central Canada should not miss album release gigs in Quebec City, Montreal and Toronto (Sept. 27, 28 and 29 respectively).

- a.m.p.m.

Hot Springs - Headrush
Hot Springs - Cellophane

From the 2005 Rock Partouze EP:
Hot Springs - Cacodisco

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GSB said...

thanks for the Hot Springs track! I've heard good things, so i'm looking forward to this!