Sunday, September 23, 2007

BSS Fans are the Lucky Ones

Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew just released his quasi-"solo" effort Spirit If... and it's quite terrific. It would be a waste of time going off on a superfluous summary of the album's bright spots and intricacies, instead let's just say that all things considered, Drew's record is a Broken Social Scene record and lives up to their catalogue. Feist, Amy, Emily, Jason, and other lesser known BSS contributors lend their voices to many songs, keeping the hour and five minute album as diverse as we've come to expect from the collective. Certain songs outshine others, but upon first listen it feels like a Silent Alarm or a Neon Bible, in that the prospect of any song becoming a favorite in the future is very possible. As of now the best song, hands down, is "Lucky Ones", which also happens to be Drew's longest. The primary guitar lick will get stuck in your head, be forewarned. Consistent as ever, this is both a safe and essential purchase for any Canadian music fan. Now that Arts & Crafts have signed The Constantines and The Stills to bolster their lineup, it seems as though the monopoly on Canadian indie rock is complete.

Kevin Drew - Lucky Ones
Kevin Drew - Bodhi Sappy Weekend

- brad

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