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I first heard Immaculate Machine about a year ago on a CBC Radio 3 Podcast, which has always been a source of some of the best new Canadian talent. Their infectious and bouncy tune entitled 'No Such Thing as the Future' caught my ear and was released on their Ones and Zeroes EP. I just picked up my copy of their full-length album Fables and continue to be impressed by the vocal and musical abilities of this band. Some notable tracks on this include 'Small Talk', in which Final Fantasy's Owen Pallett lends a hand with the strings. I just missed these guys last time they played a show, but being residents of the Vancouver area, I’m sure I’ll get the chance again soon. And for all of you across the pond, they are heading to the UK very soon! So be sure to check them out.

- matty b.

Immaculate Machine - Jarhand (Zshare)
Immaculate Machine - Small Talk (Zshare)

N.B. I caught these guys appearing as surprise openers at a Tokyo Police Club gig here in London a couple of weeks ago. Although the majority of the crowd wasn't familiar with Immaculate Machine, everyone seemed really impressed with the band's great live presence and catchy tunes. By the time they pulled out 'No Such Thing as the Future' a few songs into their set, the whole crowd was bobbing around and a few Canadians (myself included) were enthusiastically singing along at the top of our lungs.

Immaculate Machine - No Such Thing as the Future (live version)

Oh yeah, and TPC were superb. More on that later.

- a.m.p.m.

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