Thursday, July 26, 2007

Just OK

Their page has the band origins listed as such:

Dave to Tim and Chris: Hey guys, wanna start up a shitty alt-country indie type band?
Chris and Tim: Hmm...ok.

Hey, good enough for me. Ottawa's unsigned Allrights open for Victoria natives Immaculate Machine tomorrow night in the nation's capital, a spot they surely earned based on their confidence and self-assured attitude toward making music. When 'Bastard' drops at Zaphod's I imagine it will turn plenty of heads. The opening lick blends together styles favored by the likes of early Ambulance LTD ('Heavy Lifting' from their S/T) and the defunct Exploding Hearts, but the real separation happens when the shrill, borderline whiny, "shitty alt-country indie type" vocals announce that "you're such a bastard when you cry." It's the type of youthful cynicism and half-hearted resentment normally reserved for emotionally hollow bands whose names refer to driving and/or days of the week. While it would be easy and obvious to take these words and deliver them with a hilariously maudlin tone, The Allrights spit them with a sense of humor. Supporting their lyrics with a midwest guitar sensibility and fresh upbeat percussion, they often spin the music in opposition to the lyrics being sung (I use "sung" loosely), not unlike Immaculate Machine. We'll have to see if their live show is as modest as their name, or as tongue in cheek as their sound.

'Bastard' and others available for listen here. I'm unable to download for some I'm going to blame it on....sloths (youtube the SNL digital short, please).

Substitute awesome freebie, Vancouver's Said the Whale:

Said the Whale - Not a Thought

- brad

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