Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Band of Horses, Eat Your Heart Out

Last night Ottawa was graced by A Band of Owls, one of Canada's young folk acts with loads of promise. The band was pared down for the show, playing without drummer Aaron Mangle. Frontwoman and songwriter Heather Kelday was the star of the show, displaying some serious chops on guitar, banjo, and mandolin to accompany her soulful songs about embracing the natural world. Paul Cressman filled out the mostly slow jams with some precise work on the upright electric bass, though his mid-song comedy was wrist-slicingly painful.

If you feel like a break from the busyness of whatever it is you're doing at the moment, A Band of Owls' mellow fusion of folk, roots, blues, and jazz is certain to provide some relief.

Cheers to my friend Ken, who manages the band and gave the heads up on the show.

A Band of Owls - Rushing Love Song

- brad

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