Wednesday, July 25, 2007

eighteen hours traffic

Proudly hailing from Canada’s smallest piece of provincial real estate, Prince Edward Island’s Two Hours Traffic made the lengthy trek to the Horseshoe in Toronto recently to welcome the release of their second full-length Little Jabs. The album also marks their reunion with maritime music god Joel Plaskett, who produced their first full-length and offered his services once again for this 11-track folk-rock gem.

As part of the popular Nu Music Nite Tuesdays at the ‘shoe, Two Hours Traffic were sandwiched between two other bands that nobody cared about. This only highlighted the fact that these former UPEI chemistry kids should probably be headlining their own tour across this vast nation.

Not unlike the rural rock of Mr. Plaskett and his counterparts the Emergency, or prairie fires the Weakerthans, each new track relies heavily on clever, intelligent, and fresh vocal hooks to set them apart from their peers. The occasional “ooh ooh oooh” doesn’t hurt either.

Despite a laughably horrific band name more reminiscent of radio jock rock than worthwhile songwriting, the new record is polished indie folk-pop seemingly crafted specifically for the likes of CBC Radio 3 listeners who’ll inevitably eat this shit up.

The entire new album is streaming from the band's website.

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Anonymous said...

Just had a listen and these guys are great...thanks for sharing/supporting good Canadain bands