Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wolf Blitzer

Reasons We Are Wolves will blow your mind.
  • Rad band T-shirts
  • An upcoming European tour landing them in London, Dublin, Hamburg, and a magical place called Osbnabrück.
  • Their collection of killer music videos (definitely worth checking out).
  • They do bilingualism without making it seem cheesy/forced.
  • Their label Dare to Care Records has some solid cred, boasting beauties like Malajube (a personal favourite), The Sainte Catherines, and rockabilly punk act Yesterday’s Ring.
  • Their latest album Total Magique is an electropop dream.

We are Wolves - Fight & Kiss
We are Wolves - Magique


1 comment:

highwaisted said...

i just bought this album. (i never buy albums) and was incredibly disappointed with it? true story