Monday, March 03, 2008

Think About Condominiums

The Ottawa contingent of BTA recently witnessed a bit of local history: the alleged final show in the basement of 59 Argyle, the little rock and roll townhouse that could. While the show's close heard several drunken and disorderly cries of protest, it was a good run while it lasted.

It was fitting that Montreal-based Think About Life were there to headline and close out the unique venue's final act, as they're the band above all others that truly embraced the exposed-piping and dust swirling ambiance of this unfinished basement. To a duct-worker it probably wouldn't look too special, but to the 75 (we're guessing) people in attendance on Thursday night, the basement was simply a place to party and enjoy live music, free from really any sort of superficiality.

Shortly after guests were treated to baked goods in the living area upstairs, people headed into the dungeon for Ottawa's Fucked Corpse. Despite snapping a drum pedal, the set was high energy, comedic, and musically tight for the most part. Fucked Corpse is literally the house band, with at least one member to our knowledge living there, and they were fittingly well-received by friends and newcomers alike.

After the set, everybody was ushered upstairs to enjoy some more baked goods while Montreal duo Wax Attic set up their equipment. Once the go-ahead was given, Wax Attic treated the basement crowd (which was beginning to grow) to their own blend of 'psychedelic thrash'. Overall, the set was enjoyable… save one song which lacked the tight rhythmic pattern they displayed throughout the rest of the performance. Oh, and one of the dudes was dressed as a lion mascot, so kudos for not passing out on the fans.

After the final break the anxious crowd rushed back downstairs to be wowed by Think About Life. At this point, most were damp with sweat, the ceiling pipes dripped condensation, and no one could have been happier. The set's highlights included favourites like 'Paul Cries' and new tracks that incorporated some killer sampling (stand-out using an E-40 sample, check the video). Tambourines shook, the swarm rocked back and forth, and at the end of it all, it appeared that the band couldn't have supplied any more energy to the ecstatic crowd.

BTA would like to thank 59 Argyle for providing the city of Ottawa with concert events like no other. Experiencing Argyle reminds you of what going to a show is really about, and that reminder will be sorely missed.

Think About Life - Paul Cries
Think About Life - Serious Chords

- B.A. and mca.