Wednesday, March 19, 2008

LCD Soundsystem to be featured in upcoming Vegas flick.

I think it's safe to say that at this moment of my life LCD Soundsystem can do little-to-no wrong. Last year they topped my best album list and best song list along along with coming in the top 5 (at least) of every major indie blog, paper, or whatever. Sound of Silver was a massive hit and was an instant classic. After the album was spun millions of times by everyone people started to look towards the future of James Murphy and LCD Soundsystem. I myself even toyed with the idea that James should quit. Sound of Silver is a record that only comes once every few years, surely nothing they put out now can reach the same level of awesome.

Well, I'm kinda wrong. LCD Soundsystem has released a track for the upcoming Vegas flick, 21. It's good; real good. It sounds like a Sound of Silver b-side with the bass line snaking around a very static and simple drum beat. Now, while it does sound like it could have come directly off the same master track that say Us v. Them or Time to Get Away were recorded on, it shows progress. It sounds different than the record and I, for one, couldn't have been more excited.

LCD Soundsystem - Big Ideas

MF Blaz