Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Preview: Tilly and the Wall

The definition of Cacophony reads: "a discordant and meaningless mixture of sounds." We'd be hard pressed to say that the tap-dance percussion and gang vocals of Omaha troupe Tilly and the Wall be described as such, but hey maybe their song title carries with it an ironic tone that lesser bands use to make material seem clever. Knowing very well the talent in this raucous five-some, it's apparent that the name really isn't compensating for any mediocrity in the music. While they pack plenty of sounds into this song, and most songs, the blends created are actually pretty harmonious, rarely allowing one element to become overbearing.

O, the tentatively titled follow up to the excellent Bottoms of Barrels arrives June 17th. Hopefully the album lives up to "Cacophony," previously included on the Beat Control 7", and thankfully included again on this next full length.

Tilly and the Wall - Cacophony

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- B.A.

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Anonymous said...

Tilly and the Wall is on TEAM LOVE, not Saddle Creek