Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Live: Chromeo in Ottawa

For those who know Ottawa, you'll agree Capital Music Hall isn't the most special of venues. It has little to offer in the way of uniqueness, and the grossly overpriced beer doesn't help matters much. However, when Chromeo rolled into town Friday, the place exploded...honestly the best show at Capital in a good while...

The boys that split their downtime between Montreal and New York came to deliver. While yours truly doesn't offer a whole lot in terms of fancy footwork, I, like most there didn't really give a shit about impressions. That's the thing about Chromeo that fans can agree on, it seems like a terribly contrived fad band to some, all about fashion and recycled trends mashed together, but if you let go of the cynicism and listen to the music, it's brilliant. On record they deliver simple, effective lovers funk - as they call it, and in person it's the soundtrack to a wild party.

Over the course of the night Chromeo played pretty much the entirety of both She's in Control and Fancy Footwork, with three encores...that's right 3. Though the entire set was great, the highlights were definitely "Momma's Boy," "Rage!," "Tenderoni," and "Mercury Tears," dedicated to those who were with them from the start. All in all a crazy show, if these boys roll through your town you best be there. Thanks Bonita for the photos...

Chromeo - Momma's Boy
Chromeo - Tenderoni
Chromeo - Rage!

- B.A.

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