Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Love Will Reign Supreme

Mobius Band's V-Day EP needs more press, and so after the fact, here we are. Listening to these fantastic covers brings to mind the love felt between our favorite outgoing Cuban leader and his boy Khrushchev way back in the day. How's that for a shitty attempt at relevance? Anywho...seeing as how this free release showcases the band covering acts as diverse as The National, Neil Young, and Daft Punk, it is worth the time and effort to click numerous times. Stay tuned for a new post with an independent label/Kosovo joke that won't go over.

Mobius Band - Razor Love (Neil Young Cover)
Mobius Band - Baby, We'll Be Fine (The National Cover)
Mobius Band - Digital Love (Daft Punk Cover)

Compare: The National - Baby, We'll Be Fine

The rest can be found here.

- B.A.

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Anonymous said...

daft punk cover is ace - thanks for this.