Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In the End It's Your Friends That Will Fuck You Over

Here are 3 songs I wish to share with you, my friends.

First is a new release from the band that makes you count to four- Shout out out out out. "In The End It's Your Friends" will be available on a new split featuring the Canadian electro/dance/rock act and their good friend San Serac. The band isn’t touring right now, but when they come to your town in the future - go to the show. If I ever have the privilege of partying with the legendary Robin Williams (which I dream of often), I believe it would be just like the Shout out out out out experience…incredibly fun, indisputably original, and exhausting in a fantastic way.

Next, to celebrate the UK release of my favourite 2007 album The Con, here is Tegan and Sara. This is best track on the five-song EP they released a few months ago. The song isn’t quite to the caliber of those found on The Con; but I find it quirky, pretty, and undeniably attractive. Truthfully, I feel the same way about this song as I do about my favourite BTA contributor, B.A. Seriously, the guy is a fox.

Finally, this one goes out to one of our loyal readers. Mike Gobran. My friend, you will love this track. For those of you who miss days spent listening to Postal Service in high school (like Mike does), this may cheer you up. The LK is a duo from Malmö, Sweden that prides themselves on their sadness, playfulness, and lanky-ness. If you like the this track, watch out for their March 4th release on The Kora Records.

like whoa,


In the End It’s Your Friends- Shout out out out out
Tegan and Sara- I Take All The Blame.
The LK- Stop Being Perfect


a.m.p.m. said...

B.A. is a foxy man indeed.
i'm digging the new shout outx4 track.

Anonymous said...

what the?! where did you find that shout out out out out track? i haven't seen that anywhere yet!!!!

John said...

Any chance of getting that Shout Out Out Out Out song uploaded again? I've been searching for the song for a while now and can't find it!

Anonymous said...

go to CBC radio3 website and you can listen to it for free and make a play list. it's a pretty great song.

modestbike said...

please upload again...please

viagra online said...

where did you get the original version of this song?