Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Black Mirror Remixes

Roaming aimlessly through the blog world you may have noticed Arcade Fire remixes popping up more than usual. ArcadeFire.net are providing some vocal tracks for aspiring and established remixers, including BTA favs Team9. "Black Mirror" is a magnificent song in its original form, but when the many instruments are stripped away and Butler's vocals are supplemented with bleeps, blips, and pounding kicks there are interesting results with varying success. Team9's version is (according to Stereogum) what you'd get with Win wailing over a Justice track. Andrew Maury's version has sporadic synthesizers with industrial-tinged percussion. We even have a chilled-out interpretation from Full Source, which has potential but needs more vocal mixing. There are probably a bunch more we haven't heard, so investigate yourself if you like what you hear.

Arcade Fire – Black Mirror (Team9 Remix)
Arcade Fire – Black Mirror (Andrew Maury Remix)
Arcade Fire – Black Mirror (Full Source Remix)

- B.A.

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