Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Grab Bag

First and foremost, Björk's next single, "Wanderlust", is being released for retail in a variety of formats on April 7. This is all well and good, but we probably wouldn't have taken even half as much notice were it not for the incredible Ratatat remix included therein. There's no need to hype Ratatat at this point, just have a listen and enjoy. Matthew Herbert provides a remix as well, stay tuned for that nugget.

Next. Daft Punk continues to amaze, and only because some may have missed the 10 minute gem on the Alive bonus disc, here it is (well, below). The mix is "Human After All/Together/One More Time (reprise)/Music Sounds Better With You. It's funny that the last quarter, the original track from Stardust (DP's Bangalter, co-written with Alan Braxe and Benjamin Diamond), sounds as fresh now as it did then.

Lastly. Brighton's The Miserable Rich are a very talented upcoming band to watch. We'd be doing them a disservice to pigeonhole their sound as one thing or another, but I was hooked as soon as I heard a lovely acoustic number called "Pisshead." Even better is their sinister take on Hot Chip's "Over and Over," they'll give you laid back.

Björk - Wanderlust (Ratatat Remix)
Daft Punk - Alive 2007 (Bonus Track)
The Miserable Rich - Over and Over (Hot Chip Cover)

- B.A.


bridging the atlantic said...

that hot chip cover is glorious.

thank B

- blaz.

Matty B. said...

Yo where did this Ratatat remix surface from!? I of all people and usually up on that stuff! I blame my lack of decent internet access in OZ for being out of the loop