Monday, February 09, 2009

(Kinda) New Music Monday: Late of The Pier

BTA has mentionned Late of The Pier before (thanks G.R.O), but I think they deserve a little bit of individual attention. I KNOW, this album is not from 2009, and it is therefore passé. But it's SO good.

To summarize: they're British, their sound is infectious, synth-laced electro-punk and their lyrics address issues such as unrequited love and, um, radiation suits.

...Ok, so they're not making any radical political statements or producing the cleverest of poetry, but sometimes, you need a break from all that thinking, no? In any regards, Fantasy Black Channel (2008) is a brilliant compilation of sounds and is a hell of a good time from start to finish.

Here are a few tastes:

Late of The Pier - Broken
Late of The Pier - The Bears Are Coming

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