Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Inbox Wednesday: The Withering Pines

BTA was very lucky to receive a physical copy of The Withering Pines first release Into Corners for this edition of Inbox Wednesday, I guess that makes it mailbox Wednesday?  Nevertheless, Ottawa's  established and well-respected musician Eric Vieweg and friends have skillfully wrapped-up some soul-filled rock numbers in the first release for The Withering Pines.
What is so refreshing about this album is how the emotion permeates through every inch moment of the album.  The songs are raw, yet calculated; this allows each song to stand alone.  Highlights of the album include "Lines Upon Our Skin" where I reached for the volume to hear the energetic guitar tear into the verse, then hush everything to hear Vieweg's lamenting retrospect.  
My hands down favourite track is "Whisper in the Night", where the patient chorus echoes the overall atmosphere of the album.  Call it rock, folk rock, roots's a rock album.  Simply.
The Withering Pines didn't rush, this album assembled intricately by some of Ottawa greatest artists and it shows.   The liner notes include J.J. Ipsen, Matt Ouimet, Anders Drerup, and Matt Aston.
The Withering Pines are celebrating the release of Into Corners Saturday February 21st at The Elmdale Tavern.

Here's a pretty entertaining Beatles cover by The Withering Pines at Ottawa's 2008 Bluesfest.

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