Sunday, December 07, 2008

Remix and Mo' Sunday

It seems as if many of us are over the remixes for the time being, and I would have to agree. After being inundated by countless mixes and mashups over the summer months (where our boy Girl Talk triumphed over all) I for one feel like I need something fresh to keep up the spirits in the dark winter months of this hemisphere. So I'm just going to do both.

I just can't get enough of T.I and his shenanigans. This DiscoTech remix adds some blips and more of an electronic flow while staying pretty true to the track. Love that beat though.

T.I - Whatever you like (DiscoTech Remix)

Now for something fresh. Deep Sea Arcade is one of the latest bands to be unearthed by Australian radio station Triple J. With several festival appearances approaching due to this, these guys won't be unsigned for long. The eerie Beatles like track 'Crouch End' has quickly become a new favorite of mine. Although I'm not sure about the whole 'Arcade' and reference to an element in the band name. Kinda sounds familiar..?

Deep Sea Arcade - Crouch End

UPDATE: Moments ago our good friend Telemitry dropped this new mix of his in our mailbox I guess in an attempt to rekindle my faith in banging remixes. I dig this guy and everything he has put out as of late. I also love Journey. So I felt obliged to share this with all of you.

Journey - Any Way You Want It (Telemitry Remix)


plndrm said...

Matt and Kim - Daylight (Remix by me)

Cody said...

TI remix has reached it's DL limit