Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Five

Aderbat - Mastodon
A recent find for me, if you're a fan of Wintersleep or perhaps Ryan Adams' singing, you'll dig this.

Weird Tapes - My Babe Walk
Though I haven't paid much attention to dancier stuff in the last few months, I heard this and was immediately impressed. The track mixes atmospheric chilled out segments with a Cyndi Lauper sample and some Kavinsky-like sinister sounding shit thrown in to boot. The track sounds great as is, but if you've heard it incorporated in a nice set please drop the name and download location...

The Dears - Demons
Always an intriguing band, now with far fewer members, Dears remain strong on their new album Missiles. Murray Lightburn sings incredibly well on the entire album, particularly on "Berlin Heart," the title track, and the fantastic "Demons."

Cut Copy - Sands of Time
It's hard to buy any argument against In Ghost Colours as one of the better releases of 2008, it's just so damn infectious. And bundled on the new Far Away single is "Sands of Time," which doesn't disappoint in the least.

The Golden Filter - Solid Gold
I found this when I looked for a download for "Sands of Time," rigorously researched, yes, but ultimately a welcome random find. Another retro sounding electro gem chock full of bombasticity and smoky soulfullness (also by this author: Even more bullshit ways to pretend how to describe pleasurable sounds...) Good on Neonized for the find.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving that Solid Gold track.

Anonymous said...

these are very good :)

G.R.O. said...

Great stuff Brad, especially loving The Golden Filter, although sadly they've just been touring the UK and I've missed them, bah!

Gonzo said...

The Golden Filter is going to be the 2009 sensation! Thx for the link!

Neonized Crew :)