Monday, December 08, 2008

New Music Monday: J.J. Ipsen

I would like to take this Monday's edition of New Music to introduce a very promising artist.  Transplanted from Woodstock, Ontario to Ottawa J.J. Ipsen dabbled with established local musician Eric Vieweg (of The Withering Pines, who will have an album in the new year) among many others.  With Vieweg's performance experience and Ipsen's knack for harmonies the pair played clubs and bars all over Ottawa.  Ipsen has since recently moved to Toronto devoting all his time to his career.
Ipsen's music encompases everything from folk, to jazz, to rock with arrangements that can only please the ear.  What is evident in all the tracks, is Ipsen's comfortable and confident harmonies.  With the help of veteran musicians and a very talented producer Justin Nace (of The Two Minute Miracles) Ipsen successfully completed a wonderful preview to a what I hope will be a fruitful career.  Having personally seen J.J. reduce his audience to a puddle of tears more than once, it's easy to say that he shoots from the heart.


JargonJohn said...

Hi, would it be possible to have those two songs reuploaded?

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