Saturday, June 21, 2008

Full Animals

Anyone who knows anything about Girl Talk aka Gregg Gillis has no doubt gotten their hands on his latest release, Feed the Animals. We gave you the set up a week ago: Gillis is a mash-up mastermind and planned to release his newest mix "Radiohead-style" through the Illegal Art website within the coming week. While by no means a pioneer of the genre, Girl Talk has taken mash-ups to the next level.

Well, the album dropped electronically (like all good music should) and I can't get enough of it, nor can the rest of the blog world. There are literally hundreds of songs sampled through the 54-minute album. They range from the latest Weezy F Baby to The Band to Radiohead to Kanye to Jackson Five to Queen and on and on and on. You get the idea...he even mixes Avril Lavigne (read: annoying beyond belief) and it works. Girl Talk makes me like shitty pop and rap music that I don't usually pay any attention to. Plus, that album art is pretty badass in my opinion.

While this is definitely going to be the party starter for the summer, it is also an incredible mix to exercise with. I'm super lazy and it got me beyond pumped during my 7am run this morning.

Below are a couple of jams from the album, but you may as well do yourself a favor and download the album straight from the source. It'll be interesting to see how the artists sampled react to the album - could this be the future of pop music? Gillis has definitely taken a pile of poop and turned it into a pop masterpiece, now let those live shows pick back up.

Girl Talk - Play Your Part (Pt 1)

Girl Talk - Still Here

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