Saturday, June 07, 2008

Feed the Animals

Well, maybe not animals per say, but Greg Gillis, aka Girl Talk, is certainly about to feed up 14 banging tracks to his hungry fans in the coming weeks, once again putting pop music back in our hearts. Following up on his 2006 album 'Night Ripper', 'Feed the Animals' boasts over 300 samples. Expect to hear everything from Vampire Weekend to Pachelbel, of course mashed with the best of hip-hop hooks both new and old. Gillis definatley dwells on some of his cuts a bit longer on this album, which is a relief to those that became somewhat frustrated by the last release. Some of the greatest mixes now linger around longer than a few seconds. The album is going to first pull a Radiohead by making it available online, followed by a hard copy release sometime later. Pitchfork has more on the album and release.

UPDATE - The tracks previously posted here were not actually from Girl Talk's upcoming release but instead from a fake release that Gillis had made his fans aware of. BTA apologizes for the confusion, and I personally had forgotten about the fake leak announcement. Thanks to our readers for keeping us on the ball.

-Matty B.


Anonymous said...

these tracks are from the FAKE RELEASE!

i'm pretty sure none of the REAL Feed the Animals has been leaked yet

bridging the atlantic said...

Well gosh you are right! I had already heard of that leak and it somehow slipped my mind. Thanks for the heads up on this.

a.m.p.m. said...

Gregg Gillis talks about the new album (and fake leak) in this interview.

Anonymous said...

this is the guy who created the fake 'leak':

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