Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Contest - Times New Viking, July 1st - Horseshoe Tavern

Times New Viking aren't everyone's cup o' tea. But if maintaining your ear drums isn't high on the list of this month's priorities, then I certainly suggest checking the lo-fi three-piece when they come celebrate Canada Day like only a group of Ohians (Ohio-ians?) can, July 1st at the Horseshoe. Their third album (and first with Matador), Rip it Off, came out at the beginning of the year and has a lot of people excited about the return to fuzz rock.

ATG has given us two pairs of tickets to dish out to the boys and girls who read our blog. So send us an email with the subject "Times New Viking are in my head". Do so before noon on June 29th.

I, for one, am particularly anxious to hear what they sound like when they're not recording music as though they're hanging out in cold basement apartment with a tape recorder from 1961.

I suspect it might sound something like these Daytrotter sessions, recorded in May.

Times New Viking - Mean God (Daytrotter Session)
Times New Viking - The Apartment (Daytrotter Session)

- bbbykmbrly.

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