Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Festival Season: Lollapalooza's 'Band a Day'

I am pretty stoked to have bought my Lollapalooza tickets last week. I don't recall another three day festival (on my continent, anyhow) boasting such an incredible line-up of both gigantic headliners and a complete roster of most any other band that has built any kind of buzz in the past year or so.

In an effort to educate the public on the acts that aren't Rage Against the Machine or Kanye West, Lolla has launched 'Band a Day', a daily message board post on an artist that will be playing the festival. Launched in April with Nicole Atkins & the Sea, it has since informed us on the Gutter Twins, the Ting Tings, my new favourite experimental pop find the Octopus Project, and plenty of others.

What started out as two posts per-day has dwindled since, but mostly because the good ones are already written about.

The afforementioned Ting Tings are in Toronto a couple of weeks from now, June 16th at the Mod Club.

- bbbykmbrly.