Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sugar Plum Ferry

I've been in Taiwan for almost 8 months now and my tireless search for music has finally paid off. After months of searching for a good venue, I now have my "stomping ground". It's called Underworld and is located in the Da An district of Taipei. It's located near two universities, in a city of roughly 10 million. With so many people, it's tough to believe that there wouldn't be a "scene".

Last weekend a band by the name of Sugar Plum Ferry proved that my search wasn't in vain. They're a three-piece from Taipei and they quote influences such as Mogwai and Sonic Youth (credible, non?), and I assume that I can add Tchaikovsky as well. SPF's sound is far from anything Tchaikovsky ever produced, but their live show definitely rivals the sychronicity and professionalism of an orchestra playing the 'Nutcraker Suite'. In a land where karaoke reigns supreme, it was really nice to hear some quality instrumental. I must admit that the Myspace tracks definitely don't do the band justice; the tracks lack the intensity that the live show possessed. I'm excited to hear what the new album will bring.

After speaking with band member Xiao-bai, I'm excited to have him introduce me to other Taiwanese bands that he admires. Rest assured there will be more to come from Taiwan.

Sugar Plum Ferry Myspace

- Marc B.


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