Thursday, October 04, 2007

Old School Ballboy Acoustic Session

I recently stumbled across a mint acoustic Ballboy session recorded in Scotland back in the day (November 2002, to be exact) complete with a nice version of 'I Gave Up My Eyes To a Man Who Was Blind' thanks to the Yank Sizzler. For those uninitiated, The Yank Sizzler is one of the best podcasts out there, and although episodes are released only sporadically the quality of the music included is as diverse as it is mind-bogglingly incredible.

Take Episode 27 released in July, for example:
Chow Nasty - Ungawa [2007]
Arthur & Yu - Absurd Heroes Manifestos [2007]
Black Lips - Dawn of the Age of Tomorrow [2004]
Coat Party - Burn the House Down [2007]
Bong Ra - Kick Out the Jams [2002]
Battles - Atlas [2007]
Matt & Kim - Grand [2006]
The Screamers - The Beat Goes On [1977]
Gogol Bordello - Super Taranta [2007]
Marion Black - Who Knows [1970]
Spoon - The Underdog [2007]
Melt Banana - Lock the Head [2007]
Subway - Persuasion / Soundhack - B1 [2007]
Hot Chip - (Just Like We) Breakdown [live 2006]

Grab the above podcast here, and be sure to check the website for other episodes and heaps of free mp3s. All the Yank Sizzler podcasts can also be downloaded from iTunes completely free.

And if you happen to be in Edinburgh tomorrow night, catch Ballboy at The Lot.

- a.m.p.m.

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