Monday, October 15, 2007

And Justice was served en francais.

Justice absolutely beat up a capacity-crowd at Vancouver's Commodore Ballroom this past Saturday night. Lucky for us we had tickets because the line of people trying to get in will-call was down the street. The last show I saw was Daft Punk in the summer and this was a totally different type of show. Don't get me wrong, people were going crazy for both sets and I understand the comparisons being thrown around about the two. Justice is just a little more rough, with those massive Marshall stacks replacing Daft Punk's orchestrated triangles. While Daft had Montreal bopping and dancing to their pop-py melodies, Justice blew smoke in Vancity's face and kicked us into the ground with their grittier, pounding beats. It was incredible. And they actually did smoke on-stage for the whole set - so French of them. So much for those non-smoking rules across Canada.

The French duo brought along Australia's Midnight Juggernauts for a spacey dance rock opening set. Good stuff, definitely BTA-recommended, and the singer even sounds a little like Bowie (check out 'Into The Galaxy' below and tell me I'm wrong). I was right up front for the whole set and didn't stand a chance at releasing the amateur photographer in me, but I tried. Here's a clip of how Justice kicked off their set and got us hooked on religious iconography.

Midnight Juggernauts - Into The Galaxy

Justice - Stress


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Anonymous said...

You could have mentioned that the crowd was TURBO aggressive..and sweaty...and rough.