Thursday, April 05, 2007

Capture the Flag

Boston by way of Brooklyn's Nurse and Soldier make music after putting in the nine to five at their respective day jobs. With a little more exposure, who knows, maybe they'd need to find part time work to supplement being a full time band. Regardless if their fortune changes, I'm glad I stumbled upon their work. "Green Tea" is a sparse track with few discernible lyrics. Whatever is being said stays relatively incomprehensible, as its buried deep beneath the slow-cycling lounge instrumentation. The band sounds completely different on "Capture the Flag," as the two vocalists harmonize over the sound of pulsating bleeps and drenched guitars.

Nurse and Soldier - Green Tea
Nurse and Soldier - Capture the Flag

Another newly discovered act for this side of Atlantic (Andrew M may have heard more buzz across the pond) is France's Joakim, whose sound is tricky to dismiss into just one existing genre. New single "Lonely Hearts" has been described around the web as house, indie, electronica and numerous other things that don't really give any clear indication of what to expect. My first inclination was to draw comparisons to Hot Chip and a late 80's style of monotonous vocal pitch...listen and judge for yourself. His label Versatile Records cites him as "a major figure of French modern electronic music" who is both "multi talented and well-cultivated." His sound is certainly refined and meticulously shaped, making the latter description most appropriate.

Joakim - Lonely Hearts

The Exclaim! Spring Fling tour rolls through Ottawa tonight and Bridging the Atlantic will be attending in full force...we'll be sure to post a review with photos of Chromeo's fancy footwork and clear guitars...

- Brad

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