Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Johan Agebjörn

Johan Agebjörn is a Swedish musician and producer whose musical tastes include electro, ambient, house, classical and italo disco. Agebjörn is best known outside Sweden for his work producing, writing (except for one track) and providing backup vocals for Sally Shapiro's album Disco Romance; rumour has it that he heard Shapiro singing a Christmas carol and knew right away that he had to create a record with her.
However, Agebjörn's other projects are worth a listen as well; I particularly enjoy his live DJ mix for German webradio station Welt-am-Draht. During the 58 minute 'We Go All Night Long' session he mixes together vintage italo disco cuts, his new Sally Shapiro tracks, and a variety of other material. The performance demonstrates that not only is Agebjörn a solid composer and producer, but also a skilled DJ.
Also check out his myspace page for an awesome Mega Man II remix (featuring original 8-bit NES samples).

Johan Agebjörn - We Go All Night Long

-Andrew M