Saturday, March 03, 2007


I've always enjoyed Kings of Leon and their southern rock. Understanding that it's a bit of a music writer's convention to say so and so band sounds like they're from another generation, it's still quite true with the band from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. The drawl/guitar is as good on new album Because of the Times as it has been on the two previous albums. "True Love Way" is the standout for me, but lead single "On Call" and misspelled, pasta-ready "Ragoo" is also jiving with something upstairs. I just wanted to somehow incorporate the word jiving, sorry.

Kings of Leon - On Call
Kings of Leon - True Love Way
Kings of Leon - Ragoo

Maximo Park want two dots on top of the lonely lower case I in their name. I say tough shit, you have to earn it. That being said, they are well on their way to that dot duplicate. Though they, like Kings of Leon seem to have been frozen from 25 or so years ago. Here's a new one with a chorus on par with anything they've done before:

Maximo Park - Our Velocity
(courtesy of: Can you see the sunset from the southside?)

- Brad

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Andrew said...

"Jiving" is a great word, kudos to you for incorporating it.