Saturday, March 24, 2007

It Felt Like We Were Running All The Time

When Voxtrot frontman Ramesh Srivastava mouths the words "we get bored of weakness all the time" on album opener "Introduction," there is little doubt if he means it. Voxtrot are a good band, soon to be great based on the expected acclaim for their self-titled debut full length. The "Introduction" here is one of steadily building momentum and visions of rock grandeur. They have the chops on their instruments, insight in their lyrics, and an odd Texan charm which carries more eloquence than that of dubya and his breed. There's a certain undefinable quality about well constructed songs in any genre of music, and Voxtrot have found it. The drum beat that begins skipping along turns into a heavy stomp while the lyrics leave little room for self-deprecation: "I wouldn't give one ugly moment, I wrap it up, I keep it in my sock." And when he proudly pronounces that "your sun sets when my sun starts to shine," and the guitars gain the spotlight for the song's booming finish, I wonder if anybody could not enjoy this. That's the feeling obtained from most-to-all of this album, a highly recommended purchase for 2007. If it means anything, this is an album I want to own a copy of come May 22nd.

Voxtrot - Introduction
Voxtrot - Every Day

- Brad

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