Sunday, March 04, 2007

Gonna Work It Out

Okey dokey. Neon Bible, Arcade Fire’s new album, is to be officially released tomorrow. If you don’t know who Arcade Fire is, or why every indie kid and music aficionado in general is going gaga over the Montreal collective’s latest offering, I guess you’ve been living under a rock for some time now. So get out from under your rock, find a record store, and buy Neon Bible tomorrow. You won’t be disappointed, promise. BBC Radio 1 will not stop raving about the quality of the album, the Observer has accorded Neon Bible a perfect 5-star review, and Pitchfork has blessed it with a solid 8.4 rating.
And just when did the band go from being called “The Arcade Fire” to simply “Arcade Fire”? Perhaps it’s all a clever ruse to garner A-list status in record shop alphabetical filing systems. Hmmmm . . .

Arcade Fire – Ocean of Noise
Arcade Fire – Keep the Car Running

-Andrew M


A.W. said...

I got my copy...did you? Mind you Ive been calling it 'album of the year' for over a month now.
Another great pick up today: BORAT!

a.m. said...

yeah, i'm gonna buy the uk version. 'ocean of noise' is one of my favourite tracks so far this year.