Thursday, November 19, 2009

We are the Sea Kings

A very quick and modest note came into our e-mail today from Joe of The Sea Kings. Yes, we do read our e-mail. It simply read, "We are the sea kings - London UK. Jake/James/Joe - Mandolin/drum/ 3 voices. We are currently recording our first album." Joe, that's all I needed to hear. So many bands try to impress me with lavish press releases, fancy dinners, and beautiful women. But I am a music purest, and simply cannot be bought. (Note to Bigwigs: I can be bought, everyone else disregard this) What I like about their track 'Villages' definitely has to be the three part harmony, which starts the track off nicely, and the simple percussion. They have a very east coast folk feel which I really enjoy.

The Sea Kings - Villages


Marc.E.B. said...

Great voices!

Dan Wallis said...

What a wonderful sound. You can check them out on myspace too
Joe's from Cornwall, which has a very similar heartbeat to the Canadian East Coast.