Thursday, November 05, 2009

Skipping Girl Vinegar

I think I've been on a kind of acoustic folky alternative kick lately. I find it's better to put on for the ladies. They don't get the same perplexed look on their face like they do when I throw on some grimey dubstep. Apparently it doesn't set the mood? Australian group, Skipping Girl Vinegar (or SGV) seem to fall into that category for me. Acoustic alternative..not dubstep. With some very fine melodies and song structure, it's no wonder the Melbourne group, which includes brother and sister duo Mark and Sare Lang, have become one of the hype bands across Australian media this year. What's also cool about these guys is that lead singer Mark has been releasing some cool, somewhat odd, animated clips to accompany some of the tracks of their debut album, Sift the Noise. God how I hate cats. Check out the clip that goes with 'Sinking' below. SGV are currently touring across Australia.


Marc.E.B. said...

hahaha...I can't see where you went wrong with grimey dubstep. There's something soothingly romantic about hard bass and crazy synths.

viagra online said...

hahaha what a bizarre video, I wonder where did you get it