Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Inbox Wednesday: The Girlfriends

The Girlfriends are Ottawa's answer to every misconception you have about punk rock today. Their brand of punk rock is coy, straight-forward, and unapologetic. With a release on the horizon, BTA was fortunate enough to receive a preview of tracks from an impending tape release. Having seen these boys play live, I was sold on their sound and style. Their three-piece show is an experience that usually involves masks and other surprises. Tacky as that sounds, the tracks stand alone as reminders that punk rock was simple and exciting.
Most of their tracks clock-in at under two minutes, cramming-in an intensity that I haven't seen in while. Comprised of vocals, guitar, and drums, The Girlfriends' sound is as raw as it comes. The songs are short and and sweet, it's clear that the band has come across a song structure that compliments them well, concise and clear. Give "Robin Hood" a listen and you'll be left wanting more.
These boys are still young and have time to make mistakes and hone their live show, which is certainly the most unpredictable show I've seen lately.

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glenn said...

can you re upload those songs by the girlfriends please?