Monday, May 12, 2008

RATATAT release new single, announce album

Well, that pretty much sums it up. And it seems everyones been writing about this today. Nonetheless, just a quick line to inform those who haven't heard yet that RATATAT have just released a new 7" entitled 'Shiller'. To add to the excitement, they have also announced that their third album, 'LP3' will be hitting the streets July 8th! Unfortunately for some, the 7" is only available on vinyl. But it does contain 'Mahalo', which is a preview of 'LP4'. As the guys describe it, it's from the future. From what they have been busting out live recently, 'LP3' is going to have some of you're favorite tracks of the summer. Get the 7" here for the low price of $3.00.

RATATAT - Shiller (zshare)
RATATAT - Shiller (ysi)

...And stream 'Mahalo' here at the 'Saul Sierce' Blog.

-Matty B.


a.m.p.m. said...

i like it. it reminds me of the old Doctor Who theme.

Anonymous said...

More info on LP3: