Monday, May 19, 2008

Live: The Death Set & Bonde Do Role - Social, Toronto

Kind words of advice from BTA to our readers: if you are in a band, do not let Baltimore's the Death Set open for you. Unless, of course, it's part of some kind of ironic statement in which you want your band to look as uninspired, uninteresting, and generally lame as humanly possible.
Not that Brazilian electro-funkers Bonde Do Role were any of the afformentioned things - quite the opposite, in fact. But next to one of the most explosive live performances I can recall basically ever, it would have been simply impossible for them to compete for my heart tonight.

When guitarist/vocalist/band mastermind Johnny Siera was surfing on the speakers and climbing up the rafters, there was nowhere in the world I wanted to be except right there with him. And now that I've spent my entire month's allowance on every recording they had available at the show, I may just join him in destroying the whole fucking place the next time his band comes to town.
Aural States has their entire set available for streaming here, taken from a show a month or two ago in their hometown with Matt & Kim.
- bbbykmbrly.

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