Friday, May 16, 2008

The East Side Boyz

There is something about east coast Canadians that I am totally envious of.

Generally speaking (I’m sure there are exceptions to the rule), Maritimers just seem to be born with a quick wit, a welcoming smile, and a wonderful talent for self deprecation. I am still aspiring to obtain one of these three traits, although I believe I’m closest to mastering the ladder.

My love for easterners is only rivaled by my love for the music they make. I’ve posted about Wintersleep in the past. Buck 65 is getting more looks. Joel Plaskett’s following is bigger than ever (and is a complete mystery to others). As I prophesized, the Maritime Pop Revival has arrived.

And now comes the heir to the east coast throne, Two Hours Traffic. The four-piece has released their second full-length album called ‘Little Jabs’ with Plaskett on as producer; and now their sights are set on world domination.

While they are definitely not the next Arcade Fire, I believe they are stylish enough to be in style and catchy enough to catch on. As long as people can get past the rather horrible band name.

You can give the new album a listen at


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