Monday, July 20, 2009


Gotta say this is my new favorite video. Hands down. Having been to Varanasi in April, there are so many snapshots in this clip that are unmistakable. The old radio repair joints, STD/ISD call shops, guesthouse and bakery signs painted on walls of the labyrinthine alleyways, kids, motorcycles, holy men, and especially the sunrise on the ghats as morning boatmen row back and forth on the Ganges. There were plenty of Swedish travellers in India, I'll have to find out more about the connection, if any, but the band clearly have some affection for the subcontinent. Go if you can, it's a one of a kind place.

Stockholm's Miike Snow has been making tons of noise with the brilliant pop songs on their self-titled Downtown Records debut. Chances are you've heard a single floating around online already. Much thanks to BTA scoopmaster a.m.p.m. for getting me to listen to the DJ Mehdi remix of "Burial" a while back. Check out some more goodness, "Silvia" especially with its piano intro and builds:

Miike Snow - Burial (DJ Mehdi Remix)
Miike Snow - Animal
Miike Snow - Silvia

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