Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Art of The Music Video

Last week, I stumbled into a rather unconventional art gallery in my neighbourhood. Set up in an old house's living room and curated by Scott Cudmore, the exhibit was devoid of any paintings, sculptures or photography. Instead, the frames contained television screen playing music videos. Each display presented 3 different videos on a steady loop and provided a pair of headphones for visitors to listen.

Featuring a slew of amazing Canadian bands and filmmakers, this event gave the music video the attention it deserves. With Much Music and MTV straying from their mandate and YouTube changing well, everything, the purpose of the music video has had to be redefined.

A fantastic exhibit, these videos were amazingly strange, enthralling and creative. To my delight, most of them contained elements of animation, when not completely animated. Here is a particularly vibrant example by Toronto outfit DD/MM/YYYY.

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