Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wolfgang Amadeus Awesome

Good Gawd, can Phoenix ever write a catchy song. The French band's last release, It's Never Been Like That, was one of my favourite albums of 2006 and it appears that LP number four Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is already destined to claim a place in my top picks of this year. Set for release on May 25th (but already leaked online - c'est la vie) Wolfgang's first official single will be the album's first track, "Lisztomania". In the meantime, the band has made the ridiculously awesome track "1901" available for free download at their snazzy new website in both standard and multitrack versions. That's right, kids: it's DIY-remix time. The first of two London shows are now sold out, but tickets for Koko on June 1st are still available here.

La trackliste:
  1. "Lisztomania"
  2. "1901"
  3. "Fences"
  4. "Love Like a Sunset"
  5. "Lasso"
  6. "Rome"
  7. "Countdown"
  8. "Girlfriend"
  9. "Armistice"
Phoenix - 1901
Phoenix - Armistice



Yay! They're amazing! They make you feel good, no matter what!

Oh, hope the new album is brilliant as ever!

Scarlet x

Anonymous said...

Here's nothing fancy of 1901. It's just the original but easier to mix in. A friendly dj tool for anybody that wants to play it out.