Monday, March 16, 2009

New Music Monday: Official Secrets Act

BTA first became acquainted with Official Secrets Act early last year supporting Art Brut, when their first impression demonstrated considerable promise. Thanks to our friends at One Little Indian allowing us to preview their debut album, "Understanding Electricity", we now have the opportunity to satiate our curiosity and assess if they've delivered on these expectations.

Without question, they have. This is impressively tight, Xfm-friendly indie-pop throughout with deceptively simple melodies which enhance their accessibility. Lead single, "So Tomorrow" launches us into a frenetic spasm, with angular guitars and vocals that recall some of David Byrne's finest. However, it's "Hold The Line" which provides the album's centerpiece, commendably walking the tightrope to convey warmth without appearing overly saccharine. It's also blessed with the wonderfully endearing opening lines:

I like to watch her do these things / I like to watch her as she sings / And as the world collapses around our ears / I play guitar to Tears for Fears

Before launching into a stream of consciousness descriptive opus of the femme fatale on display. It's these moments where they transcend their influences that ensure the album's longevity.

"Understanding Electricity" is out on 30th March, and the band are touring widely around the UK from the end of the month.

Official Secrets Act - Hold The Line

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