Sunday, December 09, 2007

The White Eyes - Taipei

As you know, I've been scouring Taiwan for music wort mentioning and I always find myself back at The Underworld in Taipei. So far, it's proven to be the place to see the bands you don't hear about in Taiwan.

This weekend I was able to see the best live show I've experienced in Taiwan. The White Eyes played an aggressively raw set to a decent crowd on Saturday night. Their sound fits somewhere between Le Tigre and Metric. Obvious comparisons include the female vocals that range from strong melodies to brash rants.

As with every band I've seen in this country, the band is tight. Lead by the incredible riffs of Telecat and supported by complex bass lines and drum beats, The White Eyes play infectiously dance-able rock; never mind understanding the vocals. This band can play and provide the perfect soundtrack for a night of partying.

Once again, the only songs I can offer are from their myspace page. Check out "rookie agogo". The good news is that they are in the process of working on an EP for release in the near future.

Can't wait to party with The White Eyes again soon.

The White Eyes - Myspace


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I checked them out and love them! I think she sounds vaguely like the girl from Asobi Seksu and together they sound like a madder Taiwanese Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Amazing, thanks a lot for introducing me to them - always on the hunt for new music!
Ciao, please stop by the blog sometime and chat about music!