Sunday, December 09, 2007

Catch Me On Dateline

"Let's celebrate."

No, Ghostface isn't talkin' Christmas or Kwanzaa. When the Wu Ironman spits these words on The Big Doe Rehab, his follow up to Fishscale and More Fish due Dec. 8, he's talking celebration like his "squad won the Superbowl." It's hard to argue that Ghost isn't today's Pats of the rap game, playing calculated, cutthroat, consistent ball, with nary a misstep. (I realize that a perfect season, or what looks like one, doesn't mean Superbowl, but bear with me) Given that the upcoming Wu full length is getting pushed back to make room for this album, you have to figure there's not only a monster of a product here, but also that Ghost's steady stream of front to back, no-filler albums has earned him a Don-like respect within the camp. Hell, we already know that he makes his Wu-Tang boys stronger through collaboration, but even U-God sounds good on his featured track. Rehab's tone is consistent with the last two efforts, with only one track that's yet to grow on me. Yeah, "White Linen Affair" runs down the list of today's stars with respect given to everybody from Lil' Wayne to Norah Jones, but Lenny Kravitz? Ghost doesn't need to namedrop Lohan and Spears to show that he's up to date on his pop culture, we know he's got the pulse, and parts of this song are just reaching. Outside that one song I have no complaints and anybody who dug Ghost's last two should love it. The Ironman doesn't need to legitimize that alias at this point in his career, but continues to do so nonetheless.

Ghostface Killah - 3. Yolanda's House (feat. Raekwon & Method Man)
Ghostface Killah - We Celebrate (feat. Kid Capri)

- b.a.

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