Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Mixtape

(image courtesy Altsounds)

There are loads of nice tracks emerging these days, so I decided to compile and share. This will be a decidedly electronic and remixed offering, highlights for me include a couple from English disco house newcomer Burns, who is currently on tour with Calvin Harris followed by dates with Canadian superproducer Deadmau5. New Miami Horror single "Sometimes" is pretty tight though not very groundbreaking, keeping with the Cut Copy/Midnight Juggernauts/Aussie retro electro steez we've been hearing for a couple years now...still, good shit. Loving the Keenhouse track remixed by Grum, who has been featured all over the place on account of "Heartbeats" and its infectious vocal hook. Listen to these in order, backwards, pick and choose, or not at all, but there's definitely at least a few you will want to keep with you a while.


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Dave said...

I'm loving the new Deadmau5 album. A big departure from his last effort, but still excellent. Just saw them at HARDfest, and my high expectations were more than met.