Thursday, August 27, 2009

i(heart)music Festival Playlist

This past weekend featured a collection of some of the greatest live music I've seen in a while. Unfortunately, I missed the first day which featured Sadie Hell, Still Life Still, Parlovr, and Converters. Word is that Still Life Still and Parlovr killed it in front of a less than sizable crowd.
Friday, featured The Balconies, The Love Machine, Modernboys Moderngirls, and Oh No Forest Fires. As far as energy goes, this was the festival's highlight show; with the largest turnout and two local acts, most were ready for a good time. I assure you that neither of the local acts let down; following Oh No Forest Fires is no easy task, those boys don't let down. Modernboys Moderngirls did there thing and people were pretty receptive. I like what they do, but I can't help but think that it lacks dynamic. The Love Machine played set full of new songs and rarities; it was great to see these guys step out of their comfort zone. It was definitely the best show I've seen them play. Now for The Balconies, the buzz around this crew grows by the second. They continue to hone their craft and bring more life to their songs in the live setting.
The closing night's line up included On Bodies, Giant Hand, Black Hat Brigade, and The Lovely Feathers. I'm always impressed by the boys in Black Hat Brigade, they bring a no frills approach to their music, which translates well live. The headliners, The Lovely Feathers capped off the weekend by playing a flawless set comprised of mostly tracks of Fantasy of the Lot. I truly appreciated the newer tracks with touches of their earlier work. After numerous requests of "Pope John Paul", singer Mark Kupfert stated that the rest of the show would continue by request. These guys have big plans for the coming year, hushed for now, but we'll be sure to let you know once more info is available.
Kudos to i(heart)music's Matthew Pollesel for putting together a flawless weekend showcasing some of Canada's most talented and underexposed acts. Ottawa needs more support for independent music.
Hear are a couple tracks featuring personal highlights of i(heart)music Festival.

P.S. Zaid Khan was nice enough to allow us to post his video of The Balconies performing at i(heart)music Festival. Check it!


Anonymous said...

Modern Boys Modern Girls do lack dynamic. And the ability to write non repetative songs. YAWN. And their bass player doesnt fit the drummer and singer/guitar guy look.

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I absolutely loved the I Heart Radio concert! My favorites were Lady Gaga and Carrie Underwood, with Coldplay a close third. Overall, I agree with Carrie's comment that there was not a weak link in the lineup. Really strong performances all around. Best free Concert I ever attended (online! lol)-- and I got to watch in my pjs. :) Thanx, I heart radio!

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