Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Spencer Krug's True Calling: Sunset Rubdown

The spastic opening riff off Sunset Rubdown's Random Spirit Lover will forever be one of the greatest album intros. That, coupled with the deeply experimental-pop that Spencer Krug conjures in every track has cemented Sunset Rubdown as one of my favourite groups.
Needless to say, anticipation built as the release of Dragonslayer approached. One of his many projects, Krug truly comes to life in Sunset Rubdown. In this collection of tracks, Krug's presence is nothing short of monumental. Easing patiently into the crescendo of this album with tracks like "Silver Moons" and "Apollo and the Buffalo and Anna Anna Anna Ohh!", Sunset Rubdown have crafted a fine balance between the obscure and beautiful. Fine contrast to those are the tracks "Idiot Heart" and "You Go On Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II) that chug through verses without restraint and launch into anthemic choruses. When the album wraps-up, you'll want it all over again.
Sunset Rubdown's Dragonslayer is triumphant in its candidacy for album of the year. The most satisfying part of this album is Krug's obvious creative freedom and his ability to command each track without diluting any aspect of the record.

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bought my tickets yesterday for their show at lee's palace! so so excited!