Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let's Pretend It's Friday Five!

With tracks this great all wrapped up in one simple download, hopefully you'll forgive our tardiness...

Download Here

Golden Silvers - True Romance
These guys have been an ever-presence inside the London hype machine for well over a year, and I finally understand why. This is as close to 80s throwback indie dance perfection as you can get.

Local Natives - World News
This band keep reappearing on the write-ups of those lucky enough to attend this year's SXSW and for once the buzz sounds justified. They've got the harmonies of Fleet Foxes, with the accessibility of Vampire Weekend or Born Ruffians. Oh and they've associated themselves with Simon & Garfunkel which is an instant ticket to success at the moment.

Screaming Lights - GMN
Even though excessive consumption will no doubt rot my teeth, I'm completely hooked on this. When it first caught my ear I was convinced it was the new Pendulum release which probably tells you all you need to know.

Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard - Broken Broken Broken Heart
"Em Are I"hosts by far the most musically palatable creations so far from the New York anti-folker. This is my favourite track due to it's touching emotional insecurity compared with the optimistic soundtrack, epitomised by the handclaps and immediate chorus.

Bill Callahan - My Friend
Bill's latest LP"Sometimes I Wish I Was An Eagle" was my first introduction to the former "Smog" artist. I'm a sucker for gravelly Jonny Cash esque vocals like these and Bill's have a unique quality of making life play in slow motion as I listen transfixed. A remarkable feat.



Hmm I used to like "True Romance" but then it got seriously irritating after hearing it about 20 billion times....

Besides, they're a bit like an inferior version of The Virgins...

Scarlet xx

Anonymous said...

Apart from the truly woeful name, If Golden Silvers 80's pastiche is an inferior version of The Virgins, then the Vigrgin's must be nothing but a poor man's Stereo MCs.
Now, Jeffery Lewis is something to get excited about.
I can't stand Bill Callaghan for the sole reason that he's had sex with Joanna Newsom.