Sunday, July 06, 2008

Traumatic Party

The blog world, BTA included, has been following Black Kids ever since their myspace Wizard of Ahhh's EP took the interweb by storm. Soon after, they were thrown into a fairly rigorous worldwide touring schedule, where they were praised by some, and harshly criticized by others for not being able to bring the energy and sound of their EP to the live stage. In addition, the Jacksonville natives were beginning to pop up on the mainstream radar due to the likes of MTV (they still care about music? I thought it was all about dating mom's and spoiled rich girl parties these days) All this before even having a full length album under their belt. On July 7th, their full length album Partie Traumatic hits the street. One would think the group have been under alot of pressure from both fans and the industry to live up to the hype they have been generating online over the past year. The 10 track album includes all of the songs from the EP with some better quality production and a few more layers to add more depth. Some will miss the somewhat grainy and low-fi sound of Reggie's voice from the original recordings however. Both sets of recordings have their good & bad in my opinion. The fact that only 3 new tracks are introduced on the album is a bit of a let down. But I guess thats what you get when you are expected to tour and make your first record all at the same time. The title track is what caught my ear at the live show and is my favorite of the new releases. The other two tracks have merit but don't seem to embody the energy we've come to expect from these guys. You can get the album here and can catch them on tour since they have been thrown out on the road yet again, on both sides of the Atlantic, well into November. Good luck with that guys...

- Matty B.

Black Kids - Partie Traumatic

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