Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Grab Bag

May marks the start of the summer for the University crowd, and with the new season comes new opportunities for work, belligerence, patio surfing, and most importantly, the outdoor festival. Ottawa welcomes back Bluesfest and the Capital Idea! Festival, among others, bringing to town massive acts like Bob Dylan, Kanye West, and The White Stripes, and lesser known but incredibly potent bands such as Sunset Rubdown, Girl Talk, Born Ruffians, and Rock Plaza Central. I'll have to miss the aforementioned fests due to a cross-Canada trek, but those staying in town or rolling through should not miss these highly concentrated events. Bluesfest, offers a diverse collection of authentic blues and soul acts as well as jazz, indie, punk, and straight up rock and roll. Capital Idea!, running June 21st-30th, remains more indie-hipster-centric, but should not intimidate those unfamiliar with the billed bands. For those sitting on the fence, check out some material from the artists involved:

Capital Idea!
Jokko (myspace) **Senegalese afro-beat type stuff, very chill.
and don't miss Kanye, Dylan, Michael Franti, Alexisonfire, The Hilotrons, Ohbijou...
and a couple random songs that may or may not improve your day:

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